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  • Maize may hit record high 2,500 rupees/100 kg by May

    3 April 2019 Read More
  • बुलडाण्यातील मका उत्पादकांसमोर संकट अमेरिकन लष्करी अळीचे

    2 April 2019 Read More
  • Project by South Asia Biotechnology Centre against Fall Armyworm

    28 March 2019 Read More
  • Fall Armyworm attack: Low maize yield reduces cattle feed

    26 March 2019 Read More
  • A cereal killer on the prowl

    23rd March 2019 Read More
  • भारत सहित एशियाई देशों की खेती पर फॉल आर्मीवर्म का संकट

    22 March 2019 Read More
  • Pest challenge: A new, unwelcome visitor

    21 March 2019 Read More
  • Asia bracing for destruction by alien pest: fall armyworm

    19 March 2019 Read More

    13 March 2019 Read More
  • A Step against Fall Armyworm through SAFFAL by SABC

    11 March 2019 Read More
  • SABC launches project to combat fall armyworm

    8 March 2019 Read More
  • SABC launches Project SAFFAL to combat Fall Armyworm

    8 March 2019 Read More
  • Tackling the menace of Fall Armyworm to bolster farmers’ income in India

    8 March 2019 Read More
  • Fall Armyworm attack: 'It is the biggest pest attack ever'

    7 March 2019 Read More
  • We can contain the pest

    7 March 2019 Read More
  • Fall Armyworm attack: The damage done

    5 March 2019 Read More
  • Fall Armyworm attack: Odisha braces itself for the pest

    4 March 2019 Read More
  • Fall Armyworm attack: Maharashtra grappling with the chaos

    28 Feb 2019 Read More
  • Government announces relief for maize crops affected by fall armyworm

    6th January 2019 Read More
  • Agri dept to help farmers save maize from fall armyworm

    6 Jan 2019 Read More
  • Fall armyworm destroys 15,000 ha of maize crop

    5 Jan 2019, The Hindu Read More
  • Collector says report seeking relief for armyworm attack on maize sent to governmentp

    5 Jan 2019, Times of India Read More
  • Fall Armyworm wreaks havoc across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

    30 Dec 2018 Read More
  • Fall Armyworm has infested sub-Saharan Africa, India and Yemen: FAO

    29 Dec 2018 Read More
  • Agriculture Minister seeks help from academics to control fall armyworm infestation

    28 Dec Read More
  • ‘Pest war’ declared against maize infiltrator, fall armyworm

    22 Dec 2018 Read More
  • New threat to crops

    11 Dec Daily Star Read More
  • Pest alert issued over 'Fall Armyworm' in maize crop

    11 Sept, Dhaka Tribune Read More
  • Fall Armyworm spreads to five states in India

    9 Oct 2018, Economic Times Read More
  • Fall Armyworm Aka FAW

    6 Dec 2018, Deccan Chronicle Read More
  • Pullambadi farmers’ plea

    30 Nov 2018, The Hindu Read More
  • Fall armyworm infestation spreads across Andhra Pradesh, leaves maize growers in a tight spot

    18 Nov 2018, New Indian Express Read More
  • Fall armyworm pest has reached Thanjavur district

    7 Sept 2018, New Indian Express Read More
  • Fall armyworm reported in India: battle against the pest extends now to Asia

    13 August 2018, CIMMYT Read More
  • ICAR sounds alarm with discovery of deadly foreign maize pest in Karnataka

    8 August, the Hindu Read More
  • Warning issued about threat to India’s maize crop from invasive worm

    8 August 2018, Hindustan Times Read More
  • Fall armyworm has reached the Indian subcontinent!

    4 August 2018, IITA Read More
  • Centre asks States to monitor ‘Fall Armyworm’ pest infestation

    20 August 2018, Hindu Business Line Read More

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